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The story of Wrong Plane started in 2012 when the guys of Wrong Plane decided that the scene needed some refreshing dance music.

Bored of all the stuff played on the radio they produced their first track “Primera Linea” and released it on Berlin Madness Music Entertainment.
With a videoclip on youtube, airplay on Sunshine Live Germany and lots of promotion, they got the interest of Tunnel resident DJ Dean.

Dean totally loved Primera Linea and selected the extended mix for his famous Tunnel Trance Force series.
Primera Linea got added to the 2CD Tunnel Trance Force 63 and gained a massive amount of positive feedback on the internet, by this, the track also made it to the Best Of Tunnel Trance Force 63 online edition.

In 2013 they got signed to Tunnel Records Germany and released their single “Raumschiff”.
Raumschiff also featured on Tunnel Trance Force 65 (2CD), The best of Tunnel Trance Force 65 (Digital). the mix compilation Tunnel Classix by DJ Steve X and DJ Networx Vol. 57 (2CD and Digital).

Their single “Liebe” is featured on Tunnel Trance Force 67 (2CD) and Tunnel Trance Force 67 The Best Of (Online Edition).

Their follow-up single “Coming Home” reached the #6 spot in the British Dance Charts.